Tuberculosis early detection

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Zeptometrix NATtrol, Tuberculosis standard

NATtrol Mycobacterium tuberculosis MTB Verification Panel (P/N NATMTBP-C) is formulated with purified, intact bacterial cells which have been chemically altered to leave them non-infectious and fridge secure.

The NATMTBP-C panel includes 5 x 0.6 mL vials each containing bacterial NATtrol objects recorded in the Expected Outcomes dining table and 6 x 1.6 mL vials of this Negative Matrix.

The panel members have been provided at a purified protein matrix which mimics the makeup of an authentic clinical specimen.

NATtrol MTB Verification Panel was made to rate the performance of nucleic acid tests for determination of the existence of bacterial nucleic acids. NATMTBP-C may also be utilized for confirmation of clinical assays, development of diagnostic evaluations and training of lab personnel. NATMTBP-C includes complete organisms and needs to be conducted in a way identical to that utilized for clinical trials.

Platform: GeneXpert

Test: Tuberculosis / +2° into +8° C.

The world is full of chaos but when it comes to diseases, there are some disastrous diseases which have impregnated the world and aren’t leaving anytime soon. One of the diseases is Tuberculosis which has been affecting millions of people around the world. Tuberculosis is the infectious disease which directly affects the lungs and is caused by a single infectious agent. On the disease chart of infectious diseases, it stands at the second point which is caused by the infectious disease.

According to the stats, 1.8 million have lost to Tuberculosis in 2015 and the people suffering from it spiked to 10.4 million. When we go back in 18th and 19th century, North America and Europe suffered the outrageous tuberculosis in the epidemic form. However, to help the humanity, Robert Koch, a German microbiologist put his efforts in the right direction and found out the microbial causes of tuberculosis.

After the microbial discovery of Koch, multiple drugs and vaccines were developed which depicted that this particular disease can be cured and was almost put an end to. According to the forecast, the United States of America predicted that world will be free from Tuberculosis by the year 2025. Let’s go back in mid 1980s, there was a spread of epidemics of Tuberculosis and the number of cases was rising with each passing day. The number of cases were so spiked up that WHO (World Health Organization) stated that TB is the medical emergency for everyone around the globe.

Interesting Facts

If you are digging deeper into the Tuberculosis and want to have insightful information on hand, this section has been developed for you. In this section, we have multiple interesting facts related to TB such as;

  • According to World Health Organization, nine million of the people suffer through Tuberculosis on the annual basis and 3 million of them are missed by the health organizations
  • When women are concerned, TB is one of the top three death causes aged from 15 years old to 44 years old
  • The prime symptoms of Tuberculosis are very basic in the first few months such as weight loss, coughing, sneezing, night sweating, and fever. Over the period of one year, one TB patient can impact 10 to 15 people in their surrounding
  • Tuberculosis can spread when the pathogens fly from one place to another in air

What is Tuberculosis?

As per the information passed by the health experts, Tuberculosis directly affects the lungs and if not treated, it can spread throughout the body. There are mainly two types of Tuberculosis; active and latent. As per the definition, latent tuberculosis is the stage where the pathogens are inside the body but are in the active state and do not cause any symptoms. However, the pathogens can be activated. On the other hand, active tuberculosis is the stage where the pathogen is active and shows the symptoms in the most intense form.

As per the stats, latent tuberculosis spreads across one-third of global population and the chances of activating the pathogens is around 10%. The percentage might seem to be low but if the person has weak immune system, suffers from malnutrition, or smokes, the percentage can increase drastically. There is no denying the fact that tuberculosis affects every person, adults and children the same. But the stats show that young people are at a higher risk of catching tuberculosis. Back in 2012, 80% of the TB patients were reported in 22 different countries of the world.

What Are Early Warning Signs?

Every disease shows the early warning signs and tuberculosis is no different. However, in case of tuberculosis, the multiple early warning signs are there inclusive of;

  • Being sick and weak
  • Absence of appetite
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Night sweating along with fever and chills
  • Severe coughing that usually lasts for around three weeks
  • Regular interval of the chest pain

As we have already mentioned that Tuberculosis can spread through the body and affect multiple organs. So, it is needless to say that symptoms will also show on organs.

What Are The Actual Symptoms?

As far as person is on the latent stage, there will be nary symptoms. However, with the active stage starting, the symptoms such as coughing, fever, and chills can start occurring. Tuberculosis usually impacts the lungs but if not treated, it can impact other organs as well and the symptoms change according to the organ. If the tuberculosis isn’t treated on time, it can affect the body parts through the bloodstream such as;

  • Bones will show the symptoms in form of the joint destruction and the continual spinal pain
  • If brain is affected, meningitis can happen
  • In case of the liver and kidneys, blood in urine can be implied along with the affecting to the waste filtration system of the kidneys
  • If TB impacts the heart, it can affect the blood pumping capacity of the heart which can lead to cardiac tamponade. It’s important to note that cardiac tamponade can be fatal for the human life

How Tuberculosis Can Be Diagnosed?

The Tauns Capillia diagnosing test of the tuberculosis is very simple as it involves the skin test by taking the blood sample from the forearm. The doctor will utilize the stethoscope to check the lungs’ working and see if the sounds of lungs is impaired given the swelling the lymph nodes of the lungs. The doctor might also ask about the medical history of a person along with the symptoms. They will also check the risk of a person to tuberculosis through the exposure test.

To diagnose the tuberculosis, doctor will use the injection for the skin test. The injection uses PPD tuberculin to insert in the forearm. PPD tuberculin is the extract of tuberculosis bacterium. Once the injection has been inserted, two to three days are invested to check the progress. In the meantime, if the tuberculosis is present, red bump will swell up of the certain size. However, the skin test isn’t the most reliable option out there. The main reason is that people have been getting the mixed results as people without tuberculosis got the red bump and freaked out.

There are some other reliable testing options for tuberculosis out there. There are chest X-rays, sputum tests, and the blood tests which can implemented and find out the correct information and diagnose the disease. These tests can be used in addition to the skin test to be sure about the result. When it comes to tuberculosis, the regular one can be treated just fine; however, the multidrug-resistant TB can easily be diagnosed.

How Tuberculosis Is Treated?

There are many parts of the world where there are multiple medications available for tuberculosis and if administered correctly, it can imply positive results. The treatments are usually antibiotic and can be decided on the basis of patient’s age, medical history, and the resistance to drugs. The additional factors such as tuberculosis condition; active or latent along with the tumor and infection location will play an essential role as well.

In case of the latest tuberculosis, there is only one drug prescribed at a time. However, if someone is suffering from the active and multidrug- resistant tuberculosis, multiple medications can be prescribed. These medications are used for the long stretch of time; however, the common time period is 6 months. Most of the medications can pose negative impacts on the liver; the side effects are pretty negligible but can be pretty serious once they occur. The possible side effects include fever, dark urine, vomiting, nausea, jaundice, and the loss of appetite.

What Are The Main Causes of Tuberculosis?

The microorganism that causes tuberculosis is named as mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease can be spread through air because whenever a person with TB laughs, spits, soughs, sneezes, or talks, the person loses the pathogens in air and can affect the surrounding people. This means that tuberculosis can be contagious but catching it is pretty tedious.

What Is The Prevention of Tuberculosis?

If you suffer from active tuberculosis, a face mask can be used to keep the pathogens spreading. You can prevent active tuberculosis by not going to the public places and not sleeping with the person with TB. Covering the mouth and using the ventilated rooms can reduce the risk of spreading of tuberculosis pathogens.

Zeptometrix standards for Tuberculosis

  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra-1, titered (1 mL) 0801660
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv-9, titered (1 mL) (BSL-3) 0801661
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC1551, titered (1 mL) (BSL-3)0801662

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