Is NGS Library Preparation Your Bottleneck?

Versa 10 1100 Gene NGS Library preparation Workstation


NGS Library preparation with the VERSA 1100 and Gene VERSA 10 Gene workstation from Aurora

Aurora Biomed has combined proprietary deck A and liquid handling modules to deliver a series of workstations that can optimize sample recovery, ensure data consistency and speed up tedious liquid handling steps associated with next generation sequencing library preparation workflows.

The VERSA 10 Gene is a compact and cost-effective solution that can process 1 to 96 samples in parallel depending on throughput demands. The VERSA 1100 Gene offers a much larger footprint and deck capacity for a complete walk-away solution for all genomic protocols.

The 8- or 96-channel pipetting head meets the high throughput demanded by NGS technologies.


  1. NGS library preparation
  2. DNA/RNA purification and cleanup
  3. DNA/RNA fragment size selection
  4. Enzymatic reaction setup
  5. Library normalization and pooling
  6. Single and multiplex real-time PCR setup
  7. Sequencing reaction setup
  8. Oligo-based gene synthesis plate setup

Magnetic bead based applications

VERSA Gene Automated Liquid Handling Workstation is the NGS Solution!

What is the difference between the Versa 10 and Versa 1000 Gene NGS Library preparation workstations?

Automated NGS library preparation with Versa Workstation from Aurora Biomed
Versa 10 1100 difference
Lieven Gevaert, Bio-engineer

Installations in Europe by:

Lieven Gevaert

  • Bio-ingeneer in Biotechnology from the University of Gent 1996.
  • Owner and CEO of Gentaur-Genprice Since 2000.
  • Research Gate Author.

Vasilyi Abaev

  • PhD in Entomology and Molecular Genetics
  • director of Gentaur Eood
  • Pubmed Author

Tomas Pineiro Blanco

  • Versa Gene installation manager at Aurora Biomed

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